About Me

I'm a PHP developer and Laravel & Wordpress enthusiast. Let's not forget the Javascript world, which I also enjoy and follow.

I've started DailyDriven, an automotive blog back in 2018 which now generates over 1.5 mil page views monthly.

I build GetDollie with a great team of talented people and in my spare time I build various side projects.

In terms of Wordpress, I and the team at StaxWP released BuddyBuilder - the first and only plugin that allows you to build community websites using Buddypress & Elementor, Visiblity Logic for Elementor - a plugin that extends Elementor beyond its limits, Typer - a cool theme, StaxUI - TailwindCSS components.

Side projects

Open Source contribution

I try to contribute to open source as much as I can. I've built some cool packages for Laravel: